The event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel Downtown Pittsburgh, 1 Bigelow Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.

Bus & Driving – Click on the word “directions” above to find the best bus or driving directions.

Parking – The Double Tree has a parking garage and  The rates are $8 for 2-4 hours  Then it goes up – $12, $16, $24 there is also 2 hour on street parking on the side of the hotel. The parking attendant thought he could accommodate us – didn’t want to promise because you can never be sure how many guest there will be.

The Parking lot near the Amtrak station – This lot is $14 bucks no matter how long you stay. It’s a 7 minute walk to the double tree from there Walking Directions To Double Tree From the Amtrak Parking Garage

The convention center lot  is $10 – 12 minute walk Walking Directions HERE
but might fill up quick because of the Car show thats happening there.

​There is also a lot at 15th and smallman which is 8 bucks  and a 12 minute walk- near the heinz history museum​​ Here are walking directions

Please Consult this Interactive Parking Garage Map for help finding a garage near the square. When you click on the orange dot it will tell you how much the garage costs. There is also On Street Multi – Space Meter Parking – the machines were you type in your liscense plate and it accepts dollars and cards as well as change. There are meters that take quarters on the Boulevard of the Allies. It’s expensive! Bring lots of quarters.

1BBR Car Pool! – Do you need a ride?! Can you offer a ride?! We don’t want transportation trouble to be the reason you can’t attend! Email us at

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