Schedule of Events – Day Of!

1BBR 2014 Agenda
(subject to change)

10:00a @ the Portico, City-County Building, 414 Grant Street
End Domestic Violence Rally + Press Conference with ANEW Community Institute

11:00a March from the Portico to DoubleTree Hotel Downtown  March to End Domestic Violence In Honor of Ka’Sandra Wade – Ka’Sandra Wade was murdered on January 2, 2013 by her boyfriend and father of her child as a final act of intimate partner violence.

11:10a @County Courthouse Courtyard, Visual Display of the 110 women killed in the last year due to domestic violence.

11:30a @ DoubleTree Hotel Downtown  Prayer Vigil to End Domestic Violence Since the untimely death of Ka’Sandra  last year, 100 women in Pennsylvania have died because of domestic violence.

12:00p @ DoubleTree Hotel Downtown 1BBR Program Begins INCLUDING – Joy KMT, Black Rapp Medusa, LaKeisha Wolf, The Ragging Grannies, Mythili Ramakrishna, Abafasi, Ginny Hildebrand and MORE..

1:45p @ DoubleTree Hotel Downtown 1BBR Program Ends / Line Up for 1BBR March

2:00p From DoubleTree Hotel Downtown to County Courthouse Courtyard
1BBR March for Incarcerated Women

2:30p @ County Courthouse/Courtyard
Let’s Get Free Action for Charmaine Pfender. A delegation will be delivering a letter to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala calling upon him to re-open the case of Charmaine Pfender and to drop the charges against her. Charmaine Pfender was 19 years old when she was sentenced to life without parole for defending herself against rape. She has been in prison for 30 years. Charmaine is one of many survivors in prison for defending herself against sexual assault.

Rise Up and DANCE for Marissa Alexander Rally

While the delegation is delivering the letter to Zappala, the rest of the march will be rising for Marissa Alexander  in the courtyard. Marissa who in 2012, was sentenced to twenty years in the Florida criminal correctional system for defending herself from her abusive estranged husband. Marissa successfully appealed the trial, overturning the guilty verdict on 9/26/13.  On 11/26/13, Marissa was finally released on bond and is currently under house arrest.  Her new trial is scheduled for July.

3:00p @ County Courthouse/Courtyard
1BBR Ends


Saturday Event

The Pittsburgh HUMAN RIGHTS CITY ALLIANCE  invites you to: Help build a Human Rights Agenda for our city and county Help grow a movement for human rights in our region.

Saturday, February 15 10am–12pm

University of Pittsburgh Cathedral of Learning 4200 Fifth Avenue, Room 2017 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

*What would it mean to make Pittsburgh a Human Rights City?  *What human rights priorities do we envision?*How can activist groups in our city better advocate for change?

Share invitations through our Facebook Event Page: For more details visit the website:

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