Join Volunteers Rising

Saturday Silk Screening! 10 – 3 e Braddock Carnegie Library – The Neighborhood Printshop—rsvp – writealetta(at) OR text/call 443-603-6964
Phone Bank with New Voices!! -Tuesday  FEB.11th  – 4-8pm The Beatty Building | 5907 Penn Avenue, Suite 340 | Pittsburgh, PA 15206 – WE ARE TRYING TO CALL 500 PEOPLE!! WE NEED AT LEAST 10 VOLUNTEERS!!
LAST Planning Meeting- All Volunteers Welcome!! – Thursday 13th 6-8  The Beatty Building | 5907 Penn Avenue, Suite 340 | Pittsburgh, PA 15206  
Learn the danceWe need people to learn the dance!! a lot of our dancers are out of town this year!! practice! we don’t have any more rehearsals planned! so if your setting something up let us know.  this is the mirrored version
Has your organization endorsed yet?! We need YOU!!
Hang Flyers!  – attached – print and hang!! hand out flyers at events you go to this weekend. please find us on facebook and invite your friends. you can connect thru the website

—————-DAY OF VOLUNTEERS – contact “” <>

with your name phone # and  t-shirt size – tshirts available to volunteers for $10

Crews Needed – More Details on specific Events coming soon!!

Market Square Set Up Crew – 8 AM
Domestic Violence March Crew – 10:30 @ portico of city county building. (There is a DV press conference, march will come to market square and then vigil – we need a crew up there to join them
Market Square Volunteer Meeting – 11 AM
County Courthouse Set Up Crew – 1:30 pm
Market Square Break down Crew – 2:00pm
Last Break down Crew – 3 ish County Courthouse

There are also many things to do in market square before and during program – like hand out flyers, outreach, hold signs and to just be on deck.
Respond directly to: Volunteer Contact Kyersten – <>

Volunteers Rising! is a group of volunteers that will be stewards of information, they will be keeping an eye out to see if anyone needs anything, they will know the plan for the day, how to escort people safely from the square if that is needed, they will also be able to direct people to resources if they are having a hard time.  We will have armbands!

This whole event could be upsetting and triggering. So many of us have been hurt or abused, are survivors or have loved ones that are survivors. We will do our best to care for each other and be aware of those around us. Volunteers Rising! Will be sensitive to this. You don’t need to be certified in anything to volunteer.

Please email – if  you can help!

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