***NEW 1BBR LOCATION – DoubleTree Hotel Downtown***


Due to the ongoing inclement weather, the icy and snowy condition of Market Square and our desire to create the best experience for this day of action, @NewVoicesPgh is moving @1BillionPgh indoors to the DoubleTree Hotel Downtown Pittsburgh, 1 Bigelow Square (near the corner of 6th Avenue and Ross Street)!

Please share, post, tweet, email and text over the next 24 hours to ensure everyone knows the new location. Thanks for your understanding and support. Stay tuned to this event page and onebillionrisingpgh.org. For more information, call 412.450.0290 or email 1billionpgh@gmail.com.

PARKING!! – The on street parking takes quarters and credit cards from the those box things. They allow you 2 hours.

The Double Tree has a parking garage and  The rates are $8 for 2-4 hours  Then it goes up – $12, $16, $24 there is also 2 hour on street parking on the side of the hotel. The parking attendant thought he could accommodate us – didn’t want to promise because you can never be sure how many guest there will be.

The Parking lot near the Amtrak station – This lot is $14 bucks no matter how long you stay. It’s a 7 minute walk to the double tree from there http://www.alcoparking.com/parking/LowerPenn.html Walking Directions To Double Tree From the Amtrak Parking Garage

The convention center lot  is $10 – 12 minute walk Walking Directions HERE
but might fill up quick because of the Car show thats happening there.

​There is also a lot at 15th and smallman which is 8 bucks  and a 12 minute walk- near the heinz history museum​​ Here are walking directions

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