New Committee to Defend Women Prisoners – Join Us!


photo by Tom Jefferson

In the wake of the Amazing Energy from One Billion Rising – A new committee is being formed. Specifically to support Charmaine Pfender – who is sentenced to life for defending herself from a man who tried to rape her. She has been in prison going on 30 years AND is suffering a very serious disease.

Donna, Charmaine’s mom, who spoke at 1billion rising and etta are interested forming a campaign including
–online petition
–as well as exploring different strategies – studying compassionate release (offenders with serious diseases may be eligible to be free by petitioning compassionate release
–applying political pressure

Also – Tanika Dickson – who was featured in the film Mothers of Bedford – who has served 12 years on a 15 – life sentence for defending herself from a racist attack. etta is in contact with Tanika and her lawyer Cheryl. They would like support for Tanika who will be up for parole in 2 years.  Cheryl is willing to come to Pittsburgh – so one idea is have a panel discussion about – self dense, women or oversentencing. very open to suggestions and framing.

There is also Avis  and the Campaign for Meaningful Commutation.

If you would like to get involved please fill out this online doodle schedule of when you are availble in the next 2 weeks to meet. Based on how many people sign up we will choose a meeting place from there. Please do this by Sunday the 24th.

If you are unable to attend but would like to stay in the loop please email
writealetta (at)

etta – 443-603-6964


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