Join the Morning Flash Mob!


Dance practice was fun. photo by G.Smith

9:30 Morning Meet up of those who want to Flashmob before the rising!  Dance to the Break the Chains choreography with us on V-day before the rally! We want to get people who may not know about it to join us that day in Market Square, so we’re going out and dancing it up in the morning. We will be meeting at 9:30am, at the Steel Plaza Subway Station, where there is a Crazy Mocha on the mezzanine level (one level down from the street), and a large lobby. We will flashmob the subway station, then make our way to Market Square, flashmobbing along the way! We’ll be back at Market Square around 11am, so if you want to be there for the volunteer briefing, we’ll be there in time. Wear black and red to support the event, and hope to see you there! Bring flyers if you have them as well.  For more info Contact Stephanie –


Thanks for the Dance Lesson Jasmine!! photo from G.Smith



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