Reason to Rise: Justice for Charmaine Pfender


This is Charmaine with a seeing eye dog. The women incarcerated at the prison train dogs to be companions for people with disabilities.

The Campaign for Meaningful Commutation believes Charmaine Pfender deserves to have her life sentence commuted. Charmaine defended herself from a man who was trying to rape her. We believe that 28 years in prison is punishment enough for a crime that would never have happened if the deceased hadn’t tried to attack Charmaine.  Because Charmaine committed this crime when she was 19 and she is now 47 years old . Because Charmaine has never denied her involvement in the crime. Because the deceased man was a Foreign diplomats son, and the case became political. Because Charmaine is sincerely remorseful. Because Charmaine is skilled and motivated to work to make the world a better place.

We believe that Charmaine deserves a second chance.

You will have the opportunity to sign a petition for Charmaine at the rally and hear her mother, Donna Hill speak!


4 thoughts on “Reason to Rise: Justice for Charmaine Pfender

  1. This is my daughter, Charmaine, who is coming up on 30 years of serving life without parole In PA, for taking the life of a man who was trying to rape her. Her trial was a sham because the man she killed was from a country who is an ally with the U.S and the other country wanted her head. Prior to that, Charmaine was the victim of incest by her own father and she and our entire family had endured much domestic violence at the hands of a tyrant who had political pull and monetary help from his family. She deserves justice at long last.

  2. Please give Charmaine my best wishes….I don’t know if she would remember me but we were put away together when we were teenagers in the Ward Home in Mt. Lebanon which was many many moons ago.

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