Volunteers Rising! We Need You!

volunteers risingMeeting and Training for Volunteers Rising!

Monday the February 11th  3pm to 5pm  New Voices Office – The Beatty Building | 5907 Penn Avenue, Suite 340 | Pittsburgh, PA 15206 – press the new voices button and someone will buzz you up

Volunteers Rising is a group of volunteers that will be stewards of information, they will be keeping an eye out to see if anyone needs anything, they will know the plan for the day, how to escort people safely from the square if that is needed, they will also be able to direct people to resources if they are having a hard time.  We will have armbands!

This whole event could be upsetting and triggering. So many of us have been hurt or abused, are survivors or have loved ones that are survivors. We will do our best to care for each other and be aware of those around us. Volunteers Rising! Will be sensitive to this. You do not need to be certified in anything to volunteer.

WE NEED YOU! Please Volunteer! If you can’t make the meeting on the 11th there will be another orientation at 11am on Feb. 14th – an hour before the event.

Please email – 1billionpgh@gmail.com if  you can help!


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