Reason to Rise: New Delhi police fire water cannon at India rape protest

Demonstrators push against a police barricade on Decemeber 22New Delhi (CNN) — Police in India blasted protesters with water cannon and tear gas Saturday as clashes broke out at a rally in New Delhi against rape, leaving scores of people drenched and angry.

The demonstration was prompted by wide public outrage over what police said was the gang-rape and beating of a 23-year-old woman on a moving bus in the capital last Sunday.

Her injuries were so severe she spent days in intensive care in a city hospital, battling for her life. Police said Saturday that she had recovered enough to give a statement to a magistrate from her hospital bed the previous evening.

Dozens of police, some equipped with bamboo canes, flanked the water cannon as it blasted out on to the thousands of protesters assembled by New Delhi’s historic India Gate.

The young woman has died as a result of severe injuries to her body and brain. This tragedy is a horrific example of why we must all rise. We have to rise until there are no more reasons to rise.

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